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At THE EDIT LDN, we have a team of dedicated authenticators, led by our Director of Operations and Authentication. We check every product passing through the business. Our Operations and Authentication team receive products via trusted consignors shipped with reputable logistic companies.

Every package is opened with care and authenticated following our SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure). Every product is checked against its own set of brand standards, these are a set of expected conditions for each individual product. To assist our teams, we actively use a third party AI authentication partner to ensure you receive exactly what you ordered.

If for any reason the product received is not up to our high standards it will be rejected and your order will be relinked to another consignor. We document all our steps of authentication, processing and packing allowing us to check raised issues and to learn and improve our service. We continuously review our SOPs and work collectively to learn together on all new and old releases, this ensures we stay at the top of our game